1999, we set sail

The history of magic yachts put out to sea,towards a specific horizon : to be a top brand in the shipbuilding sector,particularly yachts manufacturing.
such history is marked by a series of fundamental moorings.

Founded by the WALLY GROP, the company has focused on its missions since the very beginning : to build sailing yachts and motor yachts of a high performance and with a superior degree of finishing and innovative solutions.
In 2007 MAGIC YACHTS joined an elite group including CAMUZI NAUTICA,CANTIERI NAVALI BAGLIETTO,and CANTIERI DI PISA.this synergy allowed it to take a crucial step forward in terms of expertise-building.

In 2010 our shipyard opened its doors to industrial and military watercraft refitting,becoming the main point of reference for the sector in northern africa and the middle east.

In 2012 Magic Yachts was purchased by a consortium of itlian entrepreneurs,who confirmed FRANCESCO CAMPANA as the helmsman of the company,wich he had been CEO of since 2004.

A new phase in the history of the brand had begun: a targeted investment and market agreement strategy supported a preponderant growth in terms of high-class innovation skills and solution.thid procrdd continued to thid day,with the same power and determination.
always following the same compass : THE EXCELLENCE OF MAGIC YACHTS

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